Family Name of Dowie

Hold Fast



Black - in his "Surnames of Scotland" describes Dowie as coming from Macildowie ( son of the black lad ). There is a reference to a hermit of this name (Macgilladubh ) in Iona in 1164. .... if only it was as simply as this.

Several researchers doubt that all Dowies have a truly ancient Scottish origin. Norman and Ancient Irish beginnings appear to be just as possible.

It could of course be entirely possible that both the Celtic Macildowie and Norman Douai are genuine origins. How about Macildowie being an Irish immigrant to the west of Scotland. A poet, mystic, missionary or political emissary? His descendents could eventually have integrated into Highland clan culture and so created the accepted septs. Old English and Central Fife Dowie's may well be the descendants of Normans. Perhaps our forebears were aggressive southern neighbours granted land by King David 1st in return for peace.

It is noted that Macildowie or Macaldowie is recorded as being a sept of variously; MacLean, Lamont, Cameron and MacGregor.

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