Norman Origins

The Scottish kings of the 12th Century; notably David I (1125 - 1153) encouraged Norman settlement in Scotland; this led to the development of many powerful and landed families such as those of Bruce, Leslie, Melville and Somerville. Some sources suggest Dowie is a corruption of Norman names DOWAI, DUUAI, DOUAI, or DOAI. As such it is first found registered in The Domesday Book  ( 1086AD. ) under Walter de Doai.

Those who bear the name may wish to claim the following:

Arms:         Azure three quartrefoils chevron wise between as many doves d'or.

Crest:       The trunk of a tree eradicated lesswise and sproating to the dexter proper, surmounted by a dove volant, holding in the beak a sprig of olive also proper and gorged with a collar gemel d'or.

Motto:         Virture mine honour

                  The name denotes one who is a native of Douai - a town 10 miles S of Lille, approx 150 miles NNE of Paris.

 Earliest Norman Records:

 "Also holding manors in Somerset was Walter de Douai, son of Urso of Douai near Lille in Normandy. He was also at the Battle of Hastings. He held 37 manors. Walter also held extensive lands in Devonshire and a great barony. From him were descended the Barons Bampton of Devonshire. He may have had two other brothers at Hastings, Fouque and Goselin."

"Walter de Douai - his Somerset holdings:
Allerton, Alstone, Alston Sutton, Ansford, Badgworth, Bathealton, Bawdrip, Bradney, Bratton Seymour, Brean, Bridgewater, Burnham on Sea, Castle Cary, Chilcompnton, Crook, Dunwear, Horsey, Huntspill, Pawlett, Sparkford, Strecholt, Tarnock,Walpole, Watchet, Weare, Wembdon, Wincanton, Worle."

"Walter de Douai, was from Douai, near Lille, in Normandy. Son of Urso de Douai, Walter was at Hastings but his brother Hugh does not appear in the rolls and probably remained at the chief domain in Normandy. Walter received large baronies in Devonshire and Somerset. His chief domain was at Bampton, and from him descended the Barons of Bampton."

 Mrs. Emma DOUAI;F;Marriage;01/01/1074;Bampton, Essex, England

Walscin DOUAI;M;Marriage;01/01/1074;Bampton, Essex, England