Miscellaneous Tidbits


1. Thomas McAllester Dowie in Dalquhalliche and John McJohn Dowie inBoespick were both fined for reset of Clan Gregor in 1613.

2. Seven Dowie's are recorded living in the Dunblane district around 1671.

3. Andrew Dowie is recorded as an inndweller of Anstruther in 1697.

4. In America in 1896 John Alexander Dowie (b.25th May 1847- d. 9th March1907) founded The Christian Catholic Church of Scotland. In 1901 he founded Cityof Zion on Shores of Lake Michigan, 40 miles N of Chicago . In June 1901, Dowietook the fateful step of publicly announcing that he was indeed Elijah theRestorer. (A claim which was immediately challenged and denounced by mostreligious leaders).

5. Joe Dowie 1865 - 1917 was an American Baseballer who played for BaltimoreOrioles.

6. At Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake there is a hole named "The DowieHole" after J Muir Dowie the first captain.

7. An Andrew Dowie is reported to have been Scottish American Golf Champion in the1950's.

8. The Corries (folk singers) recorded a traditional ballad "The Dowie dens ofYarrow". Yarrow is a villagnearest of Selkirk.

9. Bardowie is a place just north of Glasgow, and Daldowie a cemetery just south of Glasgow.

10. Current notable Dowies include:

Freda Dowie - UK Actress - Our Friends in the North

Iain Dowie - UK Footballer - West Ham FC & N Ireland

John Dowie - UK Performing artist

JohnDowie - Australian Sculptor

MarkDowie - USA Author AmericanEnvironmentalism

PennyDowie - Australian Painter

11. Johnnie Dowie ran an ale house in Libberton's Wynd, Edinburgh around 1786where Robert Burns and Adam Smith enjoyed Younger's Edinburgh Ale.

O,Dowie's Ale

O,Dowie's ale! thou art the thing

Thatgars us crack, and gars us sing,

Castby our cares, our wants a'fling

Fraeus wi' anger;

Thoue'en mak'st passion tak' the wing,

Orthou wilt bang 'er.

Hunterof Blackness, circa 1786


Atavern in Libberton's Wynd, Edinburgh, kept by Johnnie Dowie. It was a favouritehaunt of Burns, Masterton, Nicol and their friends. In a small room known,because of its sign, as 'The Coffin', Burns is supposed to have written some ofhis songs, among them 'O Poortith Cauld'. Dowie's customers were mostlylawyers and writers who liked good food, and his tavern had a reputation forrespectability. He refused to open a bottle after midnight. When he died in1817, he left his fortune to his son, a Major in the Army. Dowie's Tavern wasdemolished in 1834.

12. Halbert's Family Heritage (1994) lists 836 families with the name Dowie, andestimates that there are less than 1000 Dowie families world wide. This gives anestimated total population of less than 3000. The largest concentration existsin Fife, significant numbers occur outside the UK only in USA, New Zealand andCanada.

13. The Hanging of George Dowey was almost the last execution in Canada

14. Early Emmigrants to North America;

Indexto Records of Aliens' Declaration of Intent. Pennsylvania HistoricalCommission, 1940 vol.3 pg. 188:-Lists - William Dowie arrivedPhiladelphia, PA in 1839

Listof Emigrant Ministers to America, 1690-1811, Fothergill & Gerald.Baltimore; Geneological Pub. Co.1965 pg. 25:- Lists - William Dowie arrived in Maryland in 1762

15. The Kinross Dowie's ( with thanks to Jimmy Campbell)

i) James Dowie, wright, of Heatheryford" is mentioned in a list ofsequestrations (1843). We don't know, yet, whether or not he lost the house at that time but it seems that the house had not previously changed hands in about 200 years.
The present owners claim that one of Mary Queen of Scots' meetings with John Knox was at Heatheryford.

ii) The 1851 census of the area is generally signed by "Andrew Dowie, enumerator." Andrew Dowie was factor to William Patrick Adam, the barrister and MP (and descendant of Robert Adam, the architect, whose home was at Blair Adam House in Kinross).

16. This from the British Army Museum in London:
Bengal (1855) C.P. cxxil. 87.

    Douie, Andrew.
    Son of Andrew Douie, Factor, Blair Adam*, & Margaret Livingston (of Easter Balado).
    Related to William Patrick Adam, Esq., of Blair Adam, barrister, M.P. Kinross & Clackmannan.
    Recom. by Adm. Sir Charles Adam, KCB, Royal Hospital Greenwich.
    Born 6th Jan. 1837; bapt. Kinross 28th Feb. 1837.
    Educ. at Scottish N. & M. Acad., Edinburgh; and at Madras Coll., St Andrews. Addiscombe 1854-5.
    Died at the Johnstone, Stirling, 28th Ja. 1871, aged 34.
    Captain, Bengal Artillary. (Stubbs, No. 946)

17. A Robert Dowie fought in The Battle of Trafalgar serving as a Private in The Marines aboard HMS Leviathan